Jul 23

Use the force

Ventured out early this morning, around 6.30am, with the intention of making some progress north to Voufalo. A F6 in the harbour at nea marmori seemed pretty ideal to make some progress. We got a reefed main up and began to make  bumpy headway with the wind almost beam on. However, not long before we were wrestling with a F8 gusting to 40 knot winds and me on the helm being regularly drenched with spray even with the spray hood closed. We had been towing the dinghy to give us better visibility but it decided to start flying behind us and then land upside down and turn itself into a submarine causing a huge amount of drag. Managed to winch it in and right it, though it continued to fly around behind us.

Simone feeling very uncomfortable so we headed into the shelter of ormos Vlikho for a big english breakfast and some calm. Hoping the wind calms down this afternoon, if not, forecast is for less wind tomorrow. Making snail like progress up the coast.


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