Jul 28

Greek Outboards – The Story

Episode 1

We went to shore at Porto Rafti, had a drink and went shopping. As we left the we realised the motor was struggling against the wind and it eventually died. This was not the first time the outboard had died however so we were not surprised. Even with the heroic efforts of me and Peter (mainly me) we could not make it back to the boat against the wind. We got a tow from a friendly couple for which we are very grateful indeed!

Episode 1 (Part 2)

Peter called Nikos(the man we rented to motor from) who then agreed to meet us and give us a new engine at 10 in the evening. Me and Peter were forced to sit in a Haagen-Dazs and eat ice cream for an hour while we waited for Nikos (nightmarish stuff). The new outboard functioned well for a while but then broke again, Peter managed to get it choking along a few times but it was pretty dead.

Episode 2 – The Fix

We had varying theories on why our outboard didn’t work, the fuel switch was the wrong way round, the motor was shite and that the motor was older than Peter (OLD). Today we got new fuel which seems to have fixed the problem so that never again will we be stuck on the boat without ice cream :D.

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