Jul 30


Me, Marc and the sea. (And dad :])

Last year, me (Julian) and Marc came up with a brilliant idea. Fendering. It’s amazing. You attach 2 fenders to the back of the dinghy, set up the outboard and blast out some revs!! That was pretty fun. The time has come for fendering to make a comeback!

This year, we went about it slightly differently because our outboard was being crappy. We decided to go off the back of the actual yacht. Turns out this was a very…interesting decision. Much faster, but you get about as much seawater up your nose and mouth as the machines that bored out the friggin’ English Channel did. Also, we decided after my chest had pretty much turned into a rashy desert from the fender covers to use the floats instead. This was a very good decision, as I could actually go upside down, into the waterand actually use the float as a shield from the gallons of salty water. Marc however, couldn’t do this, as his float was a crocodile, which meant if he lifted the front up or down, the entire float got shifted, unlike mine which was rectangular. We also found that our shorts carried on falling off which also gave us massive drag, eventually causing us to fall off, so we got on our birthday suits and went hardcore mode.

At this point our civilised father decided to join in the birthday party (;D) and attached a fender to join the 2 floats. He only fell off once and didn’t go ‘wheew’ at all during the entire session, so congrats to you. (Boring old git :]) Overall it was pretty awesome and was a very nice afternoon activity.


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