Aug 01

Passage to Pigadhi

Simone and I took the dinghy into the sunsail base at milina this morning, had a coffee and said hello to the taverna owners who we met last year. Being cynical we weren’t sure if they really recognised us or were just being nice, but either way they were very welcoming and it was good to see them again. When we got back to the boat, Marc & Julian had prepared a big english breakfast which was fantastic, I just love eating food that my kids have prepared.

We spent the morning sailing about in the bay with not much wind and then headed back past paleo trikeri to cross the channel to the west side of the gulf of volos. As we entered the channel the wind picked up to 15 – 20 knots and we had a fantastic sail with the wind beam on and whizzing along at a consistent 7 knots, 7.3 being the record for the trip so far.

As we approached Pigahdi, the wind was behind us still blowing fairly strong and there were no yachts moored on the quay. Whether this was just by chance or because the conditions made for difficult mooring is difficult to know but feeling bold we went for a stern-to mooring on the end of the quay with a 16 knot crosswind. First attempt failed as we didn’t get enough anchor chain out, but we took the opportunity of leaving Marc on the quay to take the first stern line on our second attempt. We crabbed our way in again being blown sideways and managed to get a line to Marc who initially struggled to hold us against the wind but with the help of a second line on the winch (well executed by Julian) we managed to get tied up under difficult conditions which Simone and I both agreed called for a celebratory sundowner. We would never have attempted anything like this even last year and are now feeling like really hardcore sailors:)

It is now 10.30pm in the evening and what felt like an abandoned village when we arrived is now buzzing with life;  teenage boys cycling around showing off their skills, teenage girls running around screaming and pretending to ignore the boys. Seems so many things are the same the world over, makes me smile.

The meal we had this evening, kalimari, greek salad, cod fish and some other kind of fish, was fantastic and at 55 euros including wine was really good value. The wind has now died completely and it looks like we will have a very comfortable night, though I think the tavernas and bars that are now so animated may mean ear plugs are in order. Marc and Julian found the internet cafe and headed back there after dinner. They have made friends with some of the locals and even teamed up with some of them to play an online game together.

It is almost a full moon tonight and with this as a backdrop to such a beautiful little village it reminds me just how incredibly fortunate we are to be doing what we are doing. Before we came on the trip a few people said that 2 months would be too long but the reality is that it won’t be nearly long enough. Spending my days with my Simone, Marc and Julian in an incredibly beautiful area, on a truly fantastic yacht with nothing to do but live for the moment is even better than I had hoped.

I”m not sure what I have done to deserve this but I am loving every moment.


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