Aug 06

Back to “civilisation”

Today we headed into Skiathos town with mixed feelings. On the one hand we were really looking forward to welcoming Nicki, Jim, Alex & Zoe on board but on the other hand we have an aversion to big towns and cities.

As we approached the town both Simone and I were concerned about finding a space on a Friday, which being changeover day for the local flotillas means that all the boats are in harbour. Our fears were well-founded; the pontoon we were aiming for was already rafting up ie. double parked and there were some yachts anchored off, having not found a space. Next to the pontoon, the town quay in Skiathos is occupied by local day trip boats with their own reserved spaces but after one left we nipped in quickly and tied up to ensure we could at least fill up with water, though we knew that we would get thrown out later in the day.

The local nautilus guy, Evan, was extremely helpful and managed to find us a space where we could stay overnight, where we spent much of the day reorganising, cleaning and reprovisioning. Early evening our friends arrived and we met up at a bar opposite the quay to have a cold beer. We had a chilled out evening and got a fairly early night, hoping for a good night’s sleep.

However, after sunset the quay onto which we were moored was transformed into a tourist market place and once that had finished it seemed we were on the route to the most popular night club in town. Pretty much all night, people were partying and then at around 6am our French neighbours came back from a long night out. One of their crew was definitely in a bad way and it took a few of them to get him across the gangplank onto the boat, accompanied by a huge cheer! This was followed by a long argument between them and their charter company, who had accused them of grounding the boat. Eventually the port police were called and the arguing continued.

We had a quick breakfast watching the local youngsters staggering back from the nightclub and decided to get the hell out asap, so after a trip to the bakery and a short walk round the very picturesque old town, we topped up the water tanks and set off. As we left our mooring, our French neighbours very kindly threw us their inflatable shark, much to the delight of Zoe.

Great to have everyone on board but a big relief to see Skiathos behind us.


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