Aug 10

25 Jokes to Rock Your Socks

As our family is very keen on puns, I felt it was appropriate to post this blog post regarding 25 jokes that we all made up themed around rocks. Enjoy!

‘You know, I’ve kept this rock for 2 years now.’       ‘Why?’      ‘I dunno, just has some sedimental value.’

What’s a rock’s favourite children’s story character? Goldirocks

What does a rock use to  carry things around? A Rocksack

How do rocks navigate? They don’t, they just approximate.

What’s a rock’s favourite girl’s name? Roxanne

How do rocks communicate? They chalk to eachother.

Where does a rock like to sleep?  Bedrock

What does a rock want to be when it grows up?  A Rockstar

How does a rock a rock weigh itself?  Using Stone

What’s a rock’s favourite form of transportation?  A Rocket

What’s a rock’s favourite vegetable? Brocolli

What’s a rock’s favourite boy’s name? Brock

Where do rocks live? Estonia

What do rocks eat with?  Crockery

What do you call a blood-drinking rock?  Drockula

What do female rocks wear?  Frocks

What’s a rock’s favourite shoe brand?  Crocks

What do rocks cook with? A Wok

What do rocks hear when they wake up?  Crock-a-doodle-doo

What’s a rock’s favourite piece of furniture? A Rocking Chair

What’s a rock’s favourite nursery rhyme? Rock-a-by-baby

What’s a rock’s favourite console? An X-rox

Who’s a rock’s favourite band?  The rolling stones

Where do rocks go skiing?  The Rockies

If you haven’t killed yourself yet, congratulations, YOU’RE MAD.

P.S. – Some of these jokes were made up by the Jamieson family who were on board with us for a week, thanks guys!

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