Aug 11

A Packed Week

We have just taken our friends Nicky, Jim, Alex and Zoe back ashore, after a great week sharing the boat and the adventure. It feels very empty and we are already missing them. They have been a great crew in the cockpit and the galley! Marc entertained Zoe, who is 8, or was it the other way round? Julian, Alex and Zoe linked up their DSs in the morning and all 4 just spent a huge amount of time in the water, together with Rocky (the shark), the lilo and Crocky (the crocodile who sadly escaped overnight in Stargaze Bay). Lots of time left for the adults to talk about the serious issues in life, like what goal we have to achieve next to earn a G&T or if there are possibly any “rock” jokes left (see last post).

We have packed a lot of things into the week. From the first (sleepless) night in Skiathos, stopping for Mojitos in Koukounaris bay (well, we girls did, the boys went shopping), admiring the Milky Way in Stargaze Bay (on Kira Panayia or goat island), climbing a mountain to go shopping in Gloussa ( without a working credit card or enough cash :)), breaking the holidays’ sailing speed record (7.5 knots now in 18 knots of wind with the dinghy in tow) to the sad separation in Panourmous Bay. I guess they need the week in the hotel to recover from it. Thanks guys for a great week!!!

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