Aug 12

Sheltering in Skopelos Town

After an action-packed week last week and a dodgy looking weather forecast, we decided to stay in Skopelos town for a couple of days. The sail round the south of the island from Panormous was tough, only F5-6 but with some very big gusts, so Marc and I kept one hand on the jammer and the main sheet respectively and let out the main when the biggest gusts came. However, we managed to miss one at the precise point that Simone was in the galley getting some lunch ready. The guard rails hit the water and the boat rounded up into the wind accompanied by some smashing sounds from below:( No real harm done just a mug or two fewer.

Upon arrival in Skopelos Town the quay looked extremely full; a 9 boat sunsail flotilla was already there along with the local annual regatta boats. We spotted half a parking space and decided to go for it; Julian was very nervous as we approached, convinced that we weren’t going to fit. It did turn out to be a very tight squeeze between a 50ft beneteau and a 34ft jeanneau both of whom were very helpful in helping us tie up.

The following day, once we had shopped, filled up with fuel and water and done the laundry we spent most of the day drinking frappe, snoozing and reading, while the boys very quickly found their way back to the internet cafe.

After dinner Simone and I took some deck cushions up to the bow and as we watched the world go by a few rain drops started to fall. This is the first time we have ever been rained on while sailing in Greece but by 3am the storm was in full force with the sound of the rain on deck extremely loud. All of us woke up after some large thunder claps and we rejoiced that we were in the shelter of the port.

This morning the rain was gone but it is much cooler. Today’s activities have been restricted to eating, drinking coffee, reading and snoozing, another tough day.

Although Skopelos Town is large enough to be a ferry port it still retains a great deal of charm, especially once you leave the port front tavernas. All of the cobbled back streets contain lovely homes which are all extremely well cared for. There are plenty of good tavernas and the place generally has a great atmosphere. The clip below is taken from our favourite coffee bar which overlooks the town and the port.

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