Aug 20

Sayonara Jim, Nicki, Alex & Zoe

We set off early this morning from Orei to avoid battling the winds forecast later in the day. By 8am we were motoring across a millpond in a straight line to Panormous. By midday we were already close, so decided to do some sailing and then find a bay for a swim stop. We hugged the coast between Loutraki and Panormous and found a fantastic beach only accessible by boat; it was clean and deserted apart from a small number of boats. Having taken Martin ashore we swam, snoozed and read for a few hours before heading round to meet the Jamieson gang.

No sooner had we turned the corner into Panormous bay than we saw Nicki, Alex & Zoe waving to us from the beach. With light winds we decided to anchor next to the hotel and took a line ashore before enjoying the traditional G&T, reunited with our friends and crew.

After a refreshing power shower in their air-conditioned room we enjoyed a fantastic meal, though I think we all ate and drank too much. By midnight we were all struggling to make sense and/or stay awake and I just about managed to operate the outboard to get us home.

Friday morning we met at 10am and loaded luggage and crew aboard for the final trip over to Skiathos airport. We managed to fit in one final swim stop at “Sayonara Bay”, just next to where we had stopped the day before. When we arrived there wasn’t another soul around and we enjoyed great snorkelling, swimming and the traditional swim ashore.

Around midday some other boats turned up and anchored pretty near us so we set off for Skiathos under sail, with Alex & Jim taking us most of the way across.

It was very sad saying goodbye at the Meltemi bar in Skiathos Town but I think its highly likely that we will do some more sailing together in the not too distant future, wherever we all are next year.

Thanks, it was a pleasure having you on board.

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