Aug 20

zohmehgodz end of holiday nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Ignore the title.

This holiday’s been pretty great for me (Julian), getting to relax 23/7 and listening to my favourite podcasts over and over again. I’ve enjoyed writing the short stories on the blog, of course it was only 2, but I was going to write more, such as William the Greek Water Particle and Fred the Greek Fish, but I guess not.

There have been some particular highlights over the holiday, like the previous dolphin sighting and having the Jamieson family on board. I don’t know about Marc, but I’ve found the holiday at times to be boring; but that’s good sometimes. You need to be bored in order to make your brain think of something to do, and I can gladly say I’ve been movie sober for 3 weeks! (I am sort of a movie-holic :D) Anyway, me and my bro will be in Germany tomorrow and I think we’re both sad to be leaving Almost Free but also both thinking that the holiday has run it’s course. You might even say that that ship has sailed!!!   ;D……………………….Sorry.

I would also like to take the time for sometimes being a pain to the parents (Well, more of a pain than usual :)) during this holiday. They’ll probably tell me otherwise but I’m a pessimistic guy so they can’t nudge my opinion. I think having 4 people on the boat helps a lot though in mooring up and stuff, so hopefully that made up for it. (Insert inappropriate rainbow)

Anyway, my friends probably won’t see me ever again, as our grandparents are taking care of me and Marc, so I’m probably going to die of diabetes while I’m there, but our awesome ‘Oma and Opa’ let us get a game of our choice while we’re there, so I guess that makes up for that.

This is my last blog post, so feel free to stop checking by daily as nothing interesting will be on it anymore. >:D

Julian ‘King Julian/Jubes/Jules/Jublian/ Jubey-Boobey/Dumham’ Dunham





























Why are you still reading…?…..GO AWAY. >:(    I NEED MAH PRIVACY

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