Aug 27

Goodbye Marc & Julian

Saying goodbye to my kids as they go through security at an airport just feels wrong. Aren’t I supposed to be looking after them, protecting them, making sure they get to the right gate and don’t leave their boarding passes in the coffee shop? What will happen if there are delays on the first leg of their journey and they are stuck in Vienna airport, what one of them gets ill, what if, what if…

I think this is just the price of being a parent, I will always love them and I will always worry about them. There is absolutely nothing to worry about, they have been flying since they were small children, first as UMs (unaccompanied minors) and more recently with Marc able to take responsibility for Julian. They are totally familiar with airports, security procedures, airport shuttles, gates, boarding times, departure times, in flight entertainment, bad airline food, the nightmare that is easy jet, the whole nine yards. And still as I watch them disappear through security all my instincts tell me that I should be with them.

Instead, as silly as it sounds, Simone and I watched them go with an immense amount of pride; they are rapidly growing into young men and there is the dawning realisation that perhaps this small departure is somehow a precursor to the time when they will go their own way for good and the pride is mixed with sadness.

Marc, Julian I hope you have a great second holiday with Oma and Opa, we will miss you hugely and look forward to seeing you at the airport in early September. I know public declarations of affection are totally verboten but we love you both very much (live with it:)).

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