Aug 28


After dropping the kids at Skiathos airport (see earlier post), we spent an adult night out in the Old Town (proper, with cocktails and just sitting and watching the world go by) and headed over to Orei the next day. Orei is located at the top of the Evia channel and some sort of gateway for us, between the Northern Sporades and Athens. We were gearing up to spent the whole day in Orei, to help organise Marc’s transition to sixth form on GCSE results day. As it turned out, the decision was easy and we both are very happy with it (as is Marc, we think!). So we lifted anchor at lunch time and spent the next 9 hours motoring to arrive at Khalkis at sunset. We must have left quite a jellyfish soup behind us as our propeller whirled through an unfathomable sea of them (see video clip). Even though they looked revolting ( I wonder why? some evolutionary inbuilt disgust to avoid stinging animals?), it turned out, after some research, that they are actually harmless. The idea of swimming among them is nevertheless hair-raising.

Having arrived late at Khalkis meant that we spent a minimal amount of time moored up next to the bars on the north side. We cleared the bridge at 1am, anchored off in the bay just south of it and were on our way again at 10am in the morning. We had hoped to have the wind in our favour on this journey back, but alas, the wind was right on our nose again, fortunately rather weak. As predicted though, turning south into the Petalion Golf the wind picked up to a force 5 and we could finally sail down to Porto Rafti, keeping well to the west side of the golf to avoid the big winds we had on our way up. If only we had known then….

The trip down memory lane was completed when sailing past Lavrio where we were stuck for 4 days on our way up (is it really only 5 weeks ago we were heading up? It seems like a lifetime ago). We decided to explore something new and headed for the island of Hydra, 50 miles away, crossing the Saronic Golf. We loved Hydra, but more on this in the next post :).

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