Jun 23

Back to normality

The last time we posted on this blog seems like a very long time ago; Marc has now finished his first year at Uni, Julian has done his GCSEs and Simone has finished her PhD.

This year we are joined by Hollie, Marc’s girlfriend, I hope you have a great time.

Today we are in Plataria, opposite Corfu on the Greek mainland. As soon as we arrived, Marc pointed out that we had been here before many years ago and he remembers it because the local teenagers raced motorbikes up and down the town quay at night, I sincerely hope not.

It’s been 4 days since we arrived in Gouvia Marina and it seems like weeks ago. We stayed the first night in Gouvia, exhausted after a 03:30 cab to Gatwick. We had a great sail out of Gouvia and then round to the south side of Corfu to shelter from an expected F6 from NW.

After our first swim we dropped anchor alongside a number of other boats free anchoring and then I ferried Marc and Hollie ashore in the dinghy.

On arriving back at the boat Simone was having kittens, as the wind had picked up and we had dragged our anchor quite some distance. We had another 2 goes at relaying it but after picking up several tons of weeds and not getting a good hold we gave up and headed into the yacht club.

By this time we were all pretty tired and a combination of wind on the nose, no bow thruster, a poor approach and some rather rusty lazy line collection meant we ended up with a nice collection of line around our propeller, ideal start to the holiday.IMG_2851

This also meant that we were now side to on the quay without a motor, something that the local harbourmaster was not amused about! It took Marc and I a few hours of alternating dives to remove all the line with a combination of kitchen knives, pen knives and a fine variation of screwdrivers.

After all this I was completely exhausted and we decided to just stay and chill in Corfu an extra day, which was a great combination of sun, sleep, gin & tonic and great food.

Today we had a fantastic sail across the channel between Corfu and mainland Greece and moored up perfectly in a F5 so we are feeling a lot less nooby than yesterday.

Tomorrow we head for Gaios, though our (very nice) German neighbour has his anchor over ours so there may be more fun & games in the morning.

This holiday business is exhausting.

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