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Jul 07


Fiskardo is described by Rod Heikell as the “Chelsea” of Kefallonia, extremely popular and fashionable. As a consequence it is extremely busy, hundreds of visiting yachts of all sizes, local fishing boats, dinghies & ribs buzzing around and then to top it all the local ferries who’s approach is just to come in at full steam ahead and if anything is in the way, just keep their hand on the horn until it scares everybody and everything out of their way.

We arrived around lunchtime and having hunted around the town quay decided to tie up on the north side of the bay away from the noise.

Fiskardo certainly has real charm even if it is touristy; we found a great local bakery and some lovely bars and restaurants, including a great bar at the far end of the bay, looking East from the island.


We also took a short walk around the headland where there is an abandoned lighthouse which you can still climb up and enjoy the amazing view.

IMG_2909 (1)
It is certainly a beautiful and memorable place but we were also quite glad to leave and get away from the hustle & bustle

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Jul 07

Richard and Jackie

A couple of nights ago we stopped in Nidri in a nasty cross wind and was helped in by our neighbour Richard. Once we had got tied up Richard and I ended up chatting for quite a while until Simone joined us with some olives and parma ham to go with our cold beer.

Richard and Jackie, who are not far short of 70 but look much much younger have been sailing around the med for between 7 and 9 years, depending on the different versions of the story! With 6 children and hoardes of grandchildren they have still found the time to enjoy the sailing adventure. They have a lovely beneteau which looks in beautiful condition for its age with a really homely saloon and a very interesting layout, with the forward head in the bow, forward of the bow cabin. Never seen that before but it makes sense and means the bed is much wider than in a regular bow cabin.

After a beer or two Simone and I went to have  dinner at the “Ionion” restaurant, great home cooking and incredibly good value. After dinner we decided to go for a walk along the waterfront and then the beach but as we got to the last restaurant before the beach, Richard and Jackie were sitting there in post dinner relaxation and were kind enough to invite us for a glass of wine or two!

We passed a wonderful hour or more swapping stories, tips and many laughs and drinking too much rose. It seems that Richard and Jackie are contemplating selling their boat and retiring from the sailing life but at the same time we got the distinct impression that it would be a very hard step for them to take.

Whatever you do, we hope it works out and you have a wonderful time. Thanks for helping us find our way around Nidri and for being wonderful company, a real pleasure spending time with you both.


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