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We are (left to right): Peter, Simone, Marc & Julian

Several years ago, when Marc and Julian were no longer excited about kids clubs and spending 10+hours a day splashing in the pool we thought it was time to try something different on holiday. I have a “previous relationship” with the sea, having spent several months working with the Joe Loss orchestra on board the QE2 as it sailed around the world, so the idea of sailing already appealed. Despite some trepidation, Simone agreed to give it a go and we embarked upon our first sunsail hybrid villa/flotilla holiday in 2007.

Our first flotilla was (depending on which of us you ask) somewhere between slightly scary and terrifying but we all came home feeling that it was the best holiday we had ever been on; it was a real adventure without ever being in any real danger, we loved the time together without TV, internet etc and we also met some lovely people on the flotilla.

Since then we have done a number of flotillas and more sailing in general, with Simone and I both picking up our day skipper qualification along the way.

This year sees the culmination of some important events; Simone is (almost) done with her Ph.D and Marc has just finished his GCSEs so we figured this would be the ideal time to take some time out and enjoy something we all love doing together before the boys get much older and spread their wings.

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  1. Richard and Jacki says:

    Hi Peter and Simone

    It was a good night in Nidri wqasn’t it. Are you through the Canal yet? More to the point did you get good news from the oracle at Delphi?
    We are in Pelairos – good water from the mountains and at last a Wi Fi that works well.
    The file of photos that Peter kindly transferred for me has finally been uploaded to Flickr – it has taken me this long to master Android and Flickr.