Our Trip

We will be picking up our new home “Almost free“, in Kalamaki Marina, just outside Athens.

Week 1 will see us joining the Saronic Flotilla, visiting Angistri, Epidavros, Vathi, Methana, Poros Town, Perdika, Aegina, Kalamaki MarinaMore details

We may then spend some time visiting Athens, depending on how stable things are at the time. I visited the parthanon in 1989 and would love to see it again, my memory is of an extremely imposing and inspiring place.

After that, we will be taking a leisurely pace up the East side of Nisos Evia, heading towards the Golf of Volos and on to the Sporades. We have deliberately not planned a detailed route or itinerary, the idea is to let wind and whim guide us before we do any passage planning. There are certainly a number of places that are on the list, including Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonnisos and Panagia.